Monday, December 14, 2009

GicleePrints Update...

Update: The aforementioned prints have arrived and are available here. (Cheap!)

12/14/2009: I will be having prints made of the moldy oldy you see above, sized 20"x 10", priced $30, available for 2010. Contact me if you're interested!


  1. hey blog buddy. you making prints yourself? do tell. how are things?

  2. I am not making prints myself, as I've been waaaaaaay to busy as of late to do that. I've been working with this French-Canadian print house though, which I would advise anyone against. They're pretty slow moving. To get a proof took a month! Jesus! They are pretty inexpensive though, I'll give them that.

  3. info? I might go forth with that, but if they're slow, maybe not a good idea? are you happy with service?