Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hangzhou Sunset

About a month ago, my lady friend Nikki moved to China. Her going away present was a watercolor of the sun rising over Uptown.

This project was a two part project though, and Nikki's end of the bargain was to find a photo of the sunset in China (since she is a fledgling photographer) and send it to me so I could make my own version of it. I am pleased to say that part 2 is finished, and now I finally have something to hang on the walls of my own apartment!

Nikki has a blog of her travels and some of the breathtaking scenery in China here.


  1. love the texture in the water. nice steve!

  2. Thanks Rachael! I wasn't such a fan of it when I actually finished, but its growing on me...

  3. Oh Ste-phen I can't wait until you get to see this live. You will love it!